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Speaking at Vancouver SQLPASS chapter

by Jean-Rene Roy 26. February 2012 23:03

I am doing a session on SSIS 2012 in Vancouver this week. My good friend Richard Baumet is the UG Leader and he has been the UG leader for the past 4 years. Richard, has the main DBA for RBC, is very knowledgeable. He will be speaking at DevTeach Vancouver next May.  This is the sessions Richard will present at DevTeach Vancouver.

Building a database for Analytics and Reporting
Richard Baumet - SQL288
Dimensional Modeling - Building a database for Analytics and Reporting  

Data grows constantly and history becomes harder to maintain. Wether you’re a Developer, DBA, or a BI techie, we eventually come to a realization that the environment can get too large and too complex. This session shows one popular approach to database design to allow for efficent storage and ease of querying for the business.  

SQL Server 2012 - Upgrading to AlwaysOn
Richard Baumet - SQL345
This session will explore the brave new era in HA\DR with SQL Server AlwaysOn focusing on the upgrading of existing architecture and managing the mulitple replicas in your environment.



Wow! Check the MobileTeach Vancouver.

by Jean-Rene Roy 19. February 2012 06:15

MobileTeach is presented with the best expert in the industry.  Markus Egger, Colin Melia and Tim Huckaby are expert in the Windows Phone and Windows 8 plateform, Ben Sheiman, Kevin McNeish and John  Waters master the iOS. Wei-Meng Lee, Jessica Ker and Martin Legris know all the secrete of Android and Bryan Costanich is a master in cross platform Mono and MonoTouch from Xamarin.  This is an impressive lineup of speakers. http://www.devteach.com/Mobileteach/


DevTeach just place online the sessions for DevTeach Vancouver

by Jean-Rene Roy 24. January 2012 09:04

Imagine this. You are part of a team of experts and you have to  selecting 84 sessions for a conference. You received 72 proposals for a total of 350 sessions to select from.  That was not a simple task. But after some difficult choices you manage to pull off a very good show. Check you the new sessions for DevTeach Vancouver 2012. If you are in to web development, this is your conference. But what! You have to see the Pre-Conference and Post-Conference.  It’s really a very good conference. Trust me I know what I am talking about.  


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DevTeach is having a Boxing week…

by Jean-Rene Roy 28. December 2011 05:44

Did you know! DevTeach is having a boxing week! That right, if you register this week, for the Vancouver event, you can use this rebate code (DEVTBOXINGDAY) good for $200 off on the early bird prices.  That really a good deal because the early bird price is $799. That price minus $200 you can get 3 days of training for $599! That only $199 per day for this high profile event.  This offer end Saturday.


We don’t need no Stinkin Software Architects!

by Jean-Rene Roy 14. December 2011 09:13
Is this really true? Well, why not taking a lock at Michael Stiefel (Well known Software Architect) sessions done at DevTeach Montreal call We Don't Need No Stinkin Architects.  InfoQ just release the video. You can also find the video on www.DevTeach.com/Video.aspx


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DevTeach Vancouver Call for speaker is ON.

by Jean-Rene Roy 22. November 2011 11:28

Did you know, DevTeach is looking for speaker for their event of Vancouver (May 28th to June 1st). Check out the Tech Chair Team.  I will be the Tech Chair for three tracks, SQL BI, SQL DBA and SQL Dev. If you are interested, you have up to Dec. 20th to submit your sessions.  To submit your sessions proposal you need to use DevTeach Excel template because this excel file will be used by a SSIS package that will load the data.  This event will have many flavors. It will cover many different technologies like .NET, Ruby, iOS, Android, PHP and more.  Get all the detail at this link.



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Filling in for Damir at DevTeach Ottawa

by Jean-Rene Roy 4. November 2011 05:19

Damir can’t make the “Always On” demo work for is session of tomorrow morning. “Always On” is a New High Availability & Disaster Recovery feature in SQL Server 2012. So I will be filling in and present my talk “XML in SQL Server! Why bother?”.  The ironic thing here is that “Always On is Down” J.  Anyways, this talk is a very fun one.  If you are attending, you will see what we can do with XML in SQL Server.  Hope I will see you there. 



Annoncing the contestants in the Ottawa IT Speaker Idol (Nov. 2nd.)

by Jean-Rene Roy 30. October 2011 23:20

Here the list of contestant in the speaker Idol. It will be fun the see all the presentation on Nov. 2nd.

Date: Wednesday November 2nd , at 18:30
Location:  Ottawa Conference Center (room 105)
55 Colonel By Drive Ottawa , ON, K1N 9J2 Canada


#1:  WP7 Push Notification
By: Carmai Constant
Description: You’ve built the next WP7 social networking application, stock monitoring application or the next server monitoring application. You now want to notify your WP7 users of an important change or message. In 10 minutes, I will showcase how WP7 Push Notification can help you deliver those crucial updates to your attention deficient users and separate you from the competition.

#2: Extensions to the Enum class, custom Attribute and resource files
By: Sheir Rahman
Description: Basically you would have some enumeration defined and each enum member value would have a custom attribute attached that links it to a resource key in a resx file.
Using the Enum Extension, you can then get the resource string.

#3: Adding SMS and telephone capabilities to your .Net application using Twilio
By: James Hunter
Description: Twilio provides a cloud-based engine for adding SMS and telephone processing to any application. This quick talk will show how to add SMS capabilities so that when an error occurs on your web application, an SMS message is sent to your cellphone. Other uses shown will be how to retrieve information from a text message, do a database query and return an SMS message.
Twilio also provides an api for your application to receive and make phone calls.

#4: Add a SharePoint Document Library to Your .NET Application
By: John Calvert
Description: Need document management in your .NET application? Don't reinvent the wheel! Leverage free SharePoint Foundation to add this capability to your solution. Easy to use SharePoint APIs and oData services make this a breeze. Learn how in just a few minutes.

Attendees can Register at this link:


The Winners are:

1-  James Hunter
2-  John Calvert
3-  Carmai Constant


Cannot go the DevTeach? That ok, checks the free bonus sessions

by Jean-Rene Roy 28. October 2011 10:59

You like to go the DevTeach but your boss do not agree you? That ok, in collaboration with the local community, DevTeach is presenting 4 bonus sessions. On November 2nd, you can attend for free the Ottawa IT Community Speaker Idol. Come and see a friendly contest where local speakers have to do a 10 minutes presentation; the audiences will choose the winners.  On November 3rd, we’re having three user groups presentations at the same time. The OttawaSQL will be presenting a sessions by Paul Nielson, The ODNC user group will present an Agile Scrum and Kanban presentation by David Starr and the OWSUG is having a IT Camp. All bonus sessions are free for everyone. Get all the details at this link.



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A full day workshop at DevTeach with an expert for only $175

by Jean-Rene Roy 21. October 2011 05:25

DevTeach just announced a 2 For 1 Pre-Conference special. That a good deal because $349 / 2 = $174.50 for a full day of training with a recognized experts in the industry.  And at DevTeach, the Pre-Conference are not your ordinary trainers. You will get to best experts in the field.  You will find 4 Pre-Con presented on Nov. 2nd. 

Adopting Agile with Microsoft Tooling By Mario Cardinal

Extreme Database Designs and the Queries that loved them by Paul Nielsen

Building an end-to-end application with Silverlight by Laurent Duveau

SharePoint 2010 with Rob Windsor


So take advantage of this 2 for 1 deal and attend the workshop with a co-worker or friend. This is a good deal.


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Jean-René Roy; architecting IT solution for large and small enterprises since 1987. In 1991 he founded the consulting firm Technologies SoftDesign Inc.

He has worked on projects for the Canada Council of the Arts, Treasury Board of Canada, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, House of Commons, Innovapost, Bell Canada, CGI and many other corporations assuming the responsibility of IT Manager, Technical Advisor, System Analyst, Business Analyst, Senior Software Architect, Senior Software Developers, Team leader, Project management and mentor. He is still very active in the developers’ community by acting as a user group leader for more than ten years with the Montreal .NET community and the Ottawa .NET community.

He is also the co-founder of an international developer’s conference www.DevTeach.com which is now directed by a member of his team. Jean-René Roy is a SQL Server Microsoft MVP.



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