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Presenting on SSIS Configuration in Montreal…

by Jean-Rene Roy 24. March 2011 05:10

Christian Coté invited me and Edwin to speak at the http://www.dotnetmontreal.com/dnn/ user group. We drive down and presented our sessions. It has been years since I presented to my old UG in Montreal.  It was fun to see old UG members. I miss that very dynamic community. I had very good questions during my session.  I hope I can come back this fall. Thank you for having me in Montreal.



I was speaking at Confoo.ca yesterday

by Jean-Rene Roy 12. March 2011 22:20

I spend one night in Montreal (March 10th) Because on March 11th I was speaking 2 sessions (MS sync framework, Report Server SSRS R2) at the PHP conference Confoo.ca. At night we had a cocktail reception for the Sponsor. I met many guys from Microsoft. What was the most fun for me at this event was the networking. I was very impress with Vance Lucas which I met at lunch. Vance was speaking about a cross platform open source for iPhone and Android call Titanium. This X-Platform open source will let you code in java script and compile it for the native target OS. Has you know, Right now we are leaving the Mobile revolution where everyone what an app on their smart phone. Well I ask Vance to present is session in Montreal at DevTeach. Now DevTeach announced  3 tracks on Mobile. A total of 17 sessions on mobile will be presented. Check it out.



A SQL Server XML talks in Vancouver…

by Jean-Rene Roy 1. March 2011 10:41

DBA’s are normally reluctant to accept XML in their database and developers are not aware of all the possibilities in XML in SQL Server. For this reason I design a session call XML in SQL Server! Why bother? I present this session with the point of view of the DBA, Developers and the software architect. It’s fun because someone asks a question, I answer three ways.  It will be presented in Vancouver March 2nd. This is a most see.   You can download the code with this link.



Jean-Rene Roy Bio

Jean-René Roy; architecting IT solution for large and small enterprises since 1987. In 1991 he founded the consulting firm Technologies SoftDesign Inc.

He has worked on projects for the Canada Council of the Arts, Treasury Board of Canada, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, House of Commons, Innovapost, Bell Canada, CGI and many other corporations assuming the responsibility of IT Manager, Technical Advisor, System Analyst, Business Analyst, Senior Software Architect, Senior Software Developers, Team leader, Project management and mentor. He is still very active in the developers’ community by acting as a user group leader for more than ten years with the Montreal .NET community and the Ottawa .NET community.

He is also the co-founder of an international developer’s conference www.DevTeach.com which is now directed by a member of his team. Jean-René Roy is a SQL Server Microsoft MVP.



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